Monday, November 14, 2011

Black and Decker Single Cup Coffee Makers

Black & Decker products are known among consumers for their long lasting use. So when a product has the name Black & Decker on it, you know you’ve just purchased quality and the Black and Decker single cup coffee makers follow the tradition of bringing you household items you can count on. You’ll have your choice of several models all guaranteed for you to be able to enjoy hot coffee in less time than ordinary coffee makers can offer.

One of the models, the Black and Decker HCC 70 with chrome accents, looks great on your counter as it’s brewing your coffee in about a minute and comes with the automatic shut off feature for safety. This particular model doesn’t use coffee grounds - it uses the coffee pods. But most users say there’s not a difference in taste from grounds to coffee pods. This is one decision that’s personal among coffee users, so you may want to try both versions.

The DCM18 Brew ‘N Go is another one of the Black and Decker single cup coffee makers that delivers coffee with precision and style and a guarantee of great taste. It also has the automatic shut off feature and all the components except the base can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher. The travel mug is larger than some of the cups you can find. Instead of the 12-14 ounce cups, you’ll get a full sized 15 ounce cup. This cup was made to sit easily in your vehicle’s cup holder.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Brewer

In any product on the market, there are always those that rise to the top. While they’re at the top, many imitators will come along and tout their features but they never quite measure up to the products that deliver coffee like it’s a work of art. The Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Brewer is one such product. It delivers coffee with such a flair that it should be in a stunning frame. What is it that makes this machine shine at the top?

You’ll get a fresh cup of coffee with each use and thanks to the internal water filter, you’ll get only the best of the coffee flavor. The one of a kind shower head gives users the exact measurement of water for every cup of coffee. Users can select from four different sizes of cups so you won’t be stuck with what’s considered a standard cup if your favorite mug happens to be over sized. You won’t be stuck with one preset temperature because you’ll get to pick what temperature you want your brew to be set at.

The Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Coffee Brewer has an LCD screen that’s programmable and users can put up to 60 ounces of water in the unit before needing to add more. If you have people over who like different types of coffee, you can even brew the coffee to each person’s preference right down to the grind. This is a product that puts the enjoyment of coffee at a level that its competitors just can’t beat.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

  • Brews 32 ounces of coffee; retains beans' oils for rich, complex flavor
  • Sturdy, chrome-plated brass frame; easy-to-clean glass carafe
  • Stainless-steel press mechanism; replacement parts available
  • Turn lid to close spout; not for stovetop use
  • All parts are dishwasher-safe

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Making A Great Cup Of Coffee

Today, I will propose to you how to make a great cup of coffee. You can do it. There are a few secrets to the process. I will share these with you.

Quality coffee can only come from a quality coffee bean that is properly roasted. The process of roasting a coffee bean is complex and can result in a given bean tasting very different depending on how it is roasted. If you like a  strong intense flavor, choose a dark roast (ex: French Roast). If you like to a light flavor, less intense, choose a lighter roast.

Pre-ground coffee will lose its flavor and quality within a short period of time. Grinding before you brew will assure you that no flavor is lost due to time.

Always use cold filtered water when brewing your coffee. The water you use represents 98% of your cup of coffee. Filtering the water will remove impurities that could affect the taste. Poor quality water can come from a variety of sources. Filtering your water will help make good coffee. Basic rule is the better the water, the better the coffee.

Skip the paper filters and go for the gold. Yes, these are 23k Gold plated stainless steel filters. Paper filters will influence the flavor of the coffee in a negative manner. The Gold plated filters influence the flavor by allowing natural oils to filter into your brew, adding a level of flavor and aroma you wont find with paper coffee filters. Another plus is that these filters can be reused over and over, and will last a very long time. Not only will your coffee be better, but you will be helping the environment by saving on waste.

Cut down on the sugar, cream, and other flavor add-ins to really enjoy the true essence of the brew. If we disguise the coffee to much; we will never know the true taste.

Part of what makes a great cup of coffee is how and when we enjoy it. We all have our favorite time and rituals. For me, nothing beats enjoying a great cup of coffee on a Sunday morning and reading the paper.